Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Braces

Genesis Dental Invisalign Braces

Genesis Dental wants you to smile from ear to ear, and not feel the slightest hint of embarrassment. Traditional metal braces are one way to go, but this can come with its own set of challenges. Young adults might cringe at the idea of having highly visible metal braces in their mouths. Also, the tightening process for these traditional braces could result in a substantial amount of pain. Eating popcorn or even crunchy fruit and vegetables could also be an issue. Luckily, Invisalign can help.

As the name suggests, Invisalign braces are made with a transparent plastic making them seemingly invisible. Even though you may not see them, they are extremely effective in straightening misaligned teeth. They are custom made into a high-quality mould, which encourages your teeth to move until they are eventually straightened. They are then replaced every two weeks until your teeth are properly aligned. For added convenience, they can be taken out when you need to eat or brush your teeth, ensuring that no particles get stuck inside them as with metal braces.

Sometimes, teenagers or adults might have a small misalignment issue, like one crooked tooth. This is where Invisalign i7 comes in. This is also a great option for closing gaps, or for any slight realignment needs you might have. Treatment could be complete in as little as three months.

However, if as an adult you need a complete realignment solution, the Invisalign Full option is for you. Treatment usually lasts between 12 and 18 months, but of course varies from case to case.

If you’re ready to enjoy the convenience of Invisalign, then contact us now. Improve your smile and your confidence.