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In Australia, your dental bills are unlikely to be covered by the Government health scheme, Medicare.

This means private health cover or dental health insurance is required to cover your dental needs.

Genesis Dental is the preferred provider of dental services for HBF, HCF, CBHS and NIB. However, we do accept all Private Health Insurances. For excellent dental care, and dental health insurance information, contact our team of highly experienced and qualified Perth dentists.

Private Health Insurance Rebate

Each health fund will have its own assessors who will determine how much rebate you get on each item.

There will usually be a direct correlation between how much premium you pay and how much rebate you receive.

There are additional factors to consider when choosing private dental insurance, including the type of cover, any restrictions, any applicable waiting periods, annual limits, and any special promotions.

General dental cover typically includes:

  • General checkups (usually twice a year)

  • Scale and clean

  • Fillings

  • Extractions

General dental cover typically includes:

  • The amount of cover you have selected
  • If you are visiting a dental practice considered a Preferred Provider
  • Any fixed conditions and fees

Do Your Research

Before you choose your preferred dental health cover, it is essential to spend time researching the options to find one that best suits your needs.

While you may not have any existing conditions, you must consider what might happen in the future. If you do have an existing condition, you will be obliged to disclose this to your insurer, who will advise you of any waiting periods or other restrictions.

When deciding on private health cover or private dental insurance, consider these important factors:

  • How many people are in your family
  • If anyone has pre-existing dental conditions
  • If the dental insurance will cover elderly family members

  • If your child/children may need orthodontic treatment in the future

Child Dental Benefits Scheme

We participate in the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. You will have received a letter from the government if your child is eligible for free dental treatment under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Find out more or contact our friendly team.

We are also one of the preferred Veteran Affairs Dentists in WA, providing expert dental service to our veterans.

dentist examining dental x-ray of patient, private health service


Any agreement or contract you have with a dental health insurance provider is between you and them.

While we are a preferred dentist for multiple insurance companies, we remain completely separated from the cover.

The amount payable by the dental insurer and the amount you are responsible for will be calculated by a qualified assessor.