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Genesis Dental is your friendly family dentist. Our fast and routine practices are designed to help you maintain your oral health.

Child at a paediatric dentist appointment

Children’s Dentist

Babies and children, like adults, can have many oral health problems. That's why you should take your child to a reliable paediatric dentist for extra or specialised dental care. Our dentists ensure that young kids get gentle treatments. Our ultimate goal is to reinforce good dental habits in a calm, relaxed environment.

Patient smiling to reveal their dentures


A denture is a removable replacement for your teeth and tissues. If you have all teeth missing, we offer complete dentures; otherwise, you only need partial dentures if you still have some of your natural teeth intact and in good condition. Find the dentures that suit you and your budget here at Genesis Dental.

Teeth aligners held in the air

Teeth Aligners

Pick a trusted dentist in Perth for your teeth aligners. Genesis Dental offers a customised treatment with payment plans. That way, you can achieve the smile you've always dreamt of without financial pain. Our teeth aligners come in a clear, almost invisible form, meaning they straighten your teeth as discreetly as possible.

Crowns and bridges resting on a person's fingertip

Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown or bridge is one of the most popular options to replace a missing tooth, gaps, or tooth decay. Unlike a denture, a bridge is fixed in place, so you never have to worry about it slipping or, worse, falling from your mouth while you eat, speak, or laugh.

Dental Implants

Dental implants help prevent bone loss and bacteria build-up. Aesthetically, they match your natural teeth – even functioning like normal. They also stop any possible face shape changes due to significant tooth loss. With restored bite force and natural speech, it's easy to see why dental implants stand out above the rest.

Serene performing teeth whitening on a patient

Teeth Whitening

Book an appointment with us for the safest and most effective way to whiten your teeth. We have the best whitening solution that will surely last and provide better results than over-the-counter products. Give your smile a makeover with our teeth whitening service, which can give your teeth a lighter and stain-free appearance.


A mouth guard is exactly what the name implies. It protects teeth and gums from fractures and cracks. Mouthguards are often prescribed to patients who grind their teeth while sleeping (also known as bruxism). In other cases, these appliances are worn to prevent tooth loss and severe mouth injury for kids and adults during contact sports.

Wisdom Teeth

Most people have up to four wisdom teeth that need to be removed. Despite the name, they won't give you any wisdom, so it's usually best to have them extracted. Wisdom teeth cause not only pain but also orthodontic issues due to crowding. Some wisdom teeth are misaligned and may put pressure on the jaw or neighbouring teeth.

Tooth Extractions

Severely decayed teeth and advanced periodontal disease are just some reasons for tooth extraction. At Genesis Dental, we do not just extract your tooth. We also provide alternatives to extractions, along with options for replacing your extracted tooth. That way, you can get back to chewing and talking as you normally do.

Emergency Care

Unforeseen dental issues can happen to anyone. It's always a good practice to know where you should go if you lose a tooth or experience tooth pain and swelling. A dental emergency is when you cannot wait for a regular appointment. If you need to see a dentist now, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Root Canal

Teeth pain due to decay and infection can be debilitating. With a root canal treatment, the root cause of your pain will be addressed. This treatment involves the removal of the tooth's pulp, preventing the infection from spreading, not just in the mouth but in other parts of the body. It effectively saves your natural tooth from further degradation.

General Checkups

Tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems can go unnoticed if you do not go to the dentist. We recommend you book an appointment for a general check-up once to twice yearly. Regular dental exams are the not-so-secret way of keeping your teeth and oral health in great shape.

Mandibular Advancement Splints

Customised splints that comfortably fit your upper and lower teeth while you sleep. These appliances work by bringing your lower jaw forward, which will help open your airway and allow air to flow freely. Mandibular advancement splints are effective for those who have mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea, as well as habitual snoring.

Patient choosing their veneers


Dental veneers comprise a thin layer covering the front part of the tooth, which you and everyone else can see. Think of veneers as fake nails that you stick onto your natural nails. The purpose is to improve the appearance of your real tooth, improving its shape and colour to correct cosmetic flaws like staining and discolouration.

IV Sedation

We understand that many individuals have dental anxiety. Don't worry; we have the solution, so you never have to skip your dental appointment due to your fear of dentists. IV sedation is an option that helps you feel relaxed as you sit on the chair without entirely putting you to sleep.