Dental Implants Perth

Dental Implants Perth

Have your tooth implants done by our experienced and qualified dentists

Genesis Dental is an established dental practice based in Canning Vale Perth. We provide dental services to both adults and children and have developed a reputation as gentle dentists with a caring bedside manner. Part of our specialist offerings is providing dental implants to replace lost teeth. We will restore your mouth to a full set of working teeth. Book your appointment today.

Oral surgery

Many people are surprised to learn that getting a tooth implant is actually considered to be oral surgery in dentistry, one of many dental procedures that are treated as such. Common forms of oral surgery include tooth extraction and tooth replacement.

Our dentists are experienced with many oral surgical procedures including dental implant procedures, and perform all surgeries at our fully-equipped facilities in Canning Vale. Call us now to find out more about the dental services we offer.

Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants have several advantages as they bond to your jaw, providing incredibly strong support for your surrounding teeth, and preventing gradual bone loss. A dental implant is basically a root replacement, which is then crowned with a natural-looking tooth. This tooth-shaped cap is screwed onto the titanium root, which is biochemically pure, allowing for easy integration with the bone. This means your body is far less likely to reject the implant.

Teeth implants are made from a variety of materials such as ceramic or porcelain and can be fused to metal, Zirconia or milled crown, all of which are made to look exactly like normal teeth. They are permanently secured to the jaw, preventing the jaw from losing density, shape and strength, as it bonds to the titanium root. It’s a completely safe and effective practice that has worked for patients around the world.

Read some of our many satisfied patients’ testimonial here.

It’s not just about your teeth, it’s about your life

Most of us take eating for granted until we lose a tooth or two, and chewing becomes a little uncomfortable. Luckily there are relatively simple procedures like teeth implants which can allow you to chew, eat and smile like normal again.

Dental implant cost

Dental implants are not as expensive as you might think, contact us to find out what they cost, and let us make a plan for your mouth. We offer cost effective dental surgeries because everyone deserves a full set of teeth.


Book your dental appointment today, take that first step to restoring your mouth to optimal oral health.