Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Genesis Dental, we have experienced dentists who will ensure that you receive only the best wisdom tooth extraction solutions for your particular needs.

Wisdom teeth are the teeth at the very back of the mouth, and are the last to emerge, usually between the ages of 17 and 24. For many, these teeth erupt uneventfully and just become part of our normal dental work. For some, wisdom teeth become problematic, especially when they are impacted (unable to erupt) due to their orientation in the jaw, or when there is not enough space for them to erupt.

Your dentist will need to take a full-face X-ray to find out exactly how your teeth are placed and to determine what treatment options should be considered. Most of the time, the best solution for problematic wisdom teeth is to have them removed. Your dentist will determine whether this procedure can be done during a dental appointment or if you need to visit a specialist.

If your wisdom teeth removal can occur in the chair, it is as simple as a regular tooth extraction, however, there may be some swelling that will occur due to the position of the tooth.

The wisdom teeth removal procedure is a little different should your wisdom teeth be severely impacted. If this is the case, our friendly dentists will advise you to remove them surgically. This is a day procedure and doesn’t require to stay overnight at a hospital, however, the recovery time does take a few days, so be sure to book a few days off work.

Every patient is different, but it is imperative that you follow the after-care instruction very carefully to ensure your wounds don’t get infected. There is also a chance that you could experience a dry socket, which is extremely painful, so be sure to follow doctor’s orders!

You’ll also have to stay away from solid foods for a week or two depending on how well your mouth heals. For the first couple of days, we suggest that wear an ice-pack bandage around your head where the cold packs are situated on either side of your jaw. This will minimise swelling and bruising. Swelling and bruising is normal though, so don’t be alarmed if your face looks larger than normal or there are some yellow/blueish bruises around the jaw area.

Not to worry, after the first few days of jelly, custard and ice-cream, you’ll go back to your regular lifestyle in no time!

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